Welcome to Manners, Please:


Manners, Please is on a mission. Not one that is impossible............but very possible if we, together, make it happen.

Ms. O'Brien's interest in etiquette programs was sparked by the lack of common courtesy and inappropriate behavior shown nation wide.The return to traditional values will bring about an increased appreciation of civility.A foundation of good social graces and leadership skills gives young persons of all ages an opportunity to learn and practice-----now and for the rest of their lives.

Courtesy and kindness on the playgrounds of America is sorely lacking. As concerned adults we need to revive the practice of good manners, putting that good idea squarely into the backpacks of life for our children's and grand children's sake.

Whether it's a child learning to read, a teen venturing out for the first job, or a college student or graduate looking for that first job in a chosen career, all need to know life's many common and rewarding courtesies. Knowing how to properly apply them as they ascend educational, social and business ladders of life is essential.The Etiquette and Dining Skills programs will instill confidence and self assurance

Patricia A. O'Brien is a Certified Etiquette Consultant, by The Protocol School of Washington, a leader in Etiquette and Protocol and the Emily Post Institute.